Active Ingredient(s): 70% 1,2 bis (2 -ethylhexyloxycorbonyl) ethanesulphonate, Formulation: Liquid concentrate Pack Size: - MAPP No.: A0600 A liquid concentrate formulation containing 70% 1,2 bis (2 –ethylhexyloxycarbonyl) ethanesulphonate, surfactants and formulation improvers for use as a wetter, spreader and extender MSDS Label


Active Ingredient(s): Statutory declaration of nutrient analysis (% w/w) N-P-K fertiliser solution with trace elements 8.0% N (Total nitrogen) 2.0% NO3 Nitric nitrogen 2.2% NH4 Ammoniacal nitrogen 3.8% NH2 Ureic nitrogen 8.0% P2O5 Watersoluble phosphorous pentoxide 6.0% K2O Watersoluble potassium oxide 0.015% Fe Watersoluble iron* 0.010% B Watersoluble boron 0.007% Cu Watersoluble copper* [...]

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