Active Ingredient(s):
Statutory declaration of nutrient analysis (% w/w)
N-P-K fertiliser solution with trace elements
8.0% N (Total nitrogen)
2.0% NO3 Nitric nitrogen
2.2% NH4 Ammoniacal nitrogen
3.8% NH2 Ureic nitrogen
8.0% P2O5 Watersoluble phosphorous pentoxide
6.0% K2O Watersoluble potassium oxide
0.015% Fe Watersoluble iron*
0.010% B Watersoluble boron
0.007% Cu Watersoluble copper*
0.013% Mn Watersoluble manganese*
0.001% Mo Watersoluble molybdenum
0.005% Zn Watersoluble zinc*
* as a chelate of EDTA – low in chlorine – low in biuret
Formulation: Liquid fertiliser

Poliverdol is a liquid fertiliser with a full complement of macro and micronutrients. It is used as a general supplementary foliar feed in horticulture and agriculture for the prevention or elimination of nutrient deficiencies in a wide range of crops. Poliverdol can also be used in hydroponics