Spruzit EAMUs for pome fruit and cherries

HSE has issued two EAMUs for the use of Certis’ insecticide Spruzit to control a broad spectrum of pests on pome fruit and cherries in both conventional and organic production.

Spruzit contains natural pyrethrins which Certis technical officer Henry Welham says break down very quickly leaving no residues.

“The short persistency of Spruzit will enable growers to follow an IPM approach with limited impact on beneficials, allowing them to quickly build up again after application.

“The 3-day pre-harvest interval will be a big help in cherries, “he says.

“Following a conventional programme of spotted-wind drosophila control, pest numbers can spike as a result of the longer pre-harvest intervals of the treatments used. This is when Spruzit will help restore the balance.”

By contrast in apples, Mr Welham sees it being used earlier on.

“Before beneficials have built up, its knockdown capability will complement the lasting protection of conventional chemical controls facilitating their use in the best possible way.

“Applying Spruzit from bud burst either on its own or tank mixed with Mainman (flonicamid) is a great strategy to deal with both rosy apple aphid and apple blossom weevil while saving Gazelle (acetamiprid) for later.

The EAMUs permit use on apple, medlar, pear and quince grown outdoor, and cherry grown outdoor and outdoor with temporary rain covers.

Maximum number of treatments is two per crop with a 7-day interval at a maximum individual dose of 6L/ha. Latest time of application is three days before harvest.

All detail relating to the EAMUs and best use advice on application can be found here.

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