Return of Spruzit for outdoor and protected ornamentals

CRD has issued an EAMU for the use of Certis Belchim’s insecticide Spruzit on ornamentals grown outdoors or under temporary protection to control a wide range of biting and sucking insect pests.

In the meantime, growers have lost the few other natural pyrethrums they had, leaving them solely reliant on synthetic pyrethroids for broad spectrum control.

Certis Belchim horticultural product manager Jeremy Booth says Spruzit will fit well into Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approaches by ornamental growers.

“It’s short persistence minimises effects on non-target organisms such as introduced biological control agents. This attribute is useful in outdoor crops too where naturally occurring beneficials quickly return to crops to feed on pests.”

“Spruzit is within the 3A mode of action and contains natural oil derived from rapeseed which effectively gives a second physical mode of action. Anecdotal evidence also suggests reduction of viruses transmitted by sap sucking insects.”

Spruzit will also be a welcome addition for Christmas trees growers, which fall in the outdoor ornamentals category, Mr Booth adds.

“A broad spectrum, IPM-friendly insecticide is much needed in this sector for control of some major pests, including adelgids and aphids. It also brings activity on spider mite and pine shoot moth.”

The EAMU states a maximum individual dose of 6 L/ha and a maximum of 2 treatments per year while the maximum concentration must not exceed 2 litres of product in 100 litres of water, and it must not be used on crops taller than 2 metres.

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