Active Ingredient(s): 125 g/litre (11.83 % w/w) of silthiofam
Formulation: Flowable suspension
Pack Size: 30L, 200L, 600L
MAPP No.: 18036

Latitude, containing the active ingredient Silthiofam, is a specialist fungicide seed treatment for the reduction of the devastating disease, take-all. A proven, cost effective measure for maximising yield and quality wherever take-all is a problem. Latitude gives the grower a practical tool to aid the management of second and subsequent wheats and barley without any delay to crop emergence.
Latitude can also be used to maximise the yield and quality of spring wheat where take-all is a problem e.g. after overwintered stubble.

Latitude calculators

Margins will be significantly higher for milling wheat and in high or severe take-all situations. Data source based on 120 Monsanto and independent trials over 10 years. Results from the calculator are for guidance use only and provide no guarantee of deliverable margin.