Active Ingredient(s): 850 g/kg of potassium hydrogen carbonate
Formulation: Water soluble powder
Pack Size: 5kg
MAPP No.: 16363

A water soluble powder (SP) containing 850 g/kg of potassium hydrogen carbonate for the useful control of apple scab.

How does it work? 

In addition to apple scab, research shows that Karma squeezes the life out of powdery mildew. It inhibits mycelial growth and causes total collapse of spores within one minute. What’s more, it helps prevent infection by disrupting the release of hydrolytic enzymes used by fungi to infect plants.

In addition, powerful built-in surfactants promote coverage, efficacy and rain-fastness. Find out more in the animation below.

Karma has a built-in wetting system.

To protect your crop, you need to cover your crop.

Karma’s formulation:

  • Sticks the potassium bicarbonate crystals to the leaf surface – so they don’t roll off!
  • Maximises fungicidal activity – improving disease control
  • Improves crop safety – the product has been tried and tested
Left – Water droplets sit on the leaf without spreading and covering the surface.

Right – Karma’s built-in wetting system helps the product spread across the leaf surface, getting good coverage of the active ingredient.
(Karma @ 3 Kg/Ha in 400 L/Ha Water)

The Environment

  • Potassium and bicarbonate ions are naturally occurring in plant and animal tissues, soil and the environment
  • Potassium bicarbonate is an approved food additive in EU (E501)
  • Karma is exempt from residue data requirements so there is no MRL
  • Karma has a good safety profile and there are no adverse effects on non-target organisms

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