Active Ingredient(s): 476 g/l (40% w/w) of maltodextrin
Formulation: Soluble concentrate
Pack Size: 10L
MAPP No.: 18852/ PCS 06020

A fast acting, contact insecticide in a soluble concentrate formulation containing 476 g/l (40% w/w) of maltodextrin for the control of spider mite and whitefly in all edible and non-edible crops (permanent protection with full enclosure).

Now in 10 L packs for minimal waste. Advanced soluble concentrate formulation: adjuvants improve spreading; anti-foaming aids mixing; thinners reduce sticky deposits.

Six quick reasons why it makes life easier even when things are stacked against you.

1. Simple to use

Eradicoat Max’s advanced formulation supports accurate measuring. Growers confirm that the product pours smoothly, while anti-foaming agents help make tank-mixing easier.

2. Tackles a range of pests

As well as on-label control of whitefly (eggs, larvae, pupae and adults) and spider mite (adults and nymphs), you’ll gain from EAMUs that cover aphids, thrips, SWD and mussel scale.

3. Works fast

Eradicoat Max’s dual mode of action gives optimum effects in just two to four hours, while adjuvants and thinners enhance efficacy: they spread the product across the leaf and ensure minimum surface deposits on the plant and fruit.

4. Reintroduce beneficials earlier

Your existing beneficials can stay strong: Eradicoat Max is compatible with multiple species and has a positive IOBC profile. Best practice is to apply in conditions when it will dry quickly (<1 hour). That way you’ll also save time introducing new batches of beneficial insects.

5. A crop-safe option

Based on an approved food additive, Eradicoat Max means no residues or MRLs – valuable reassurance. There’s no recorded phytotoxicity or resistance: the active is in IRAC Group UN.

6. Good with hard water

As well as promoting rapid drying, Eradicoat Max is effective with hard water; there’s no need for conditioners.

See how Eradicoat Max makes it even easier to avoid costly pest damage.