Glosset SC

Active Ingredient(s): 600g/L flufenacet (48.8% w/w) Formulation: Suspension concentrate Pack Size: 5L MAPP No.: 20521 (19265) A herbicide with residual and contact activity for the control of a range of grass and broad=leaved weeds in pre and post-emergence applications in winter wheat, winter barley, winter rye and winter triticale. MSDS [...]

Protendo 300 EC

Active Ingredient(s): 300 g/L prothioconazole (28.04% w/w) Formulation: Emulsifiable concentrate Pack Size: 5 L MAPP No.: 19612 A triazolinthione fungicide for the control of stem-base, foliar and ear disease in winter and spring wheat, winter and spring rye, winter and spring barley, winter and spring triticale and for disease control in winter and [...]

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