Active Ingredient(s): 794 g/L paraffin oil Formulation: Emulsifiable  concentrate Pack Size: 20 L MAPP No.: / MSDS Label

Osorno 480

Active Ingredient(s): A Suspension concentrate containing 480 g/L (41% w/w) mesotrione. Formulation:  Pack Size: 20L MAPP No.: 20628 A herbicide for use against annual broad-leaved weeds and grasses in forage and grain maize. EAMU MSDS Label


Active Ingredient(s): Valifenalate 150 g/L and fluazinam 200 g/L Formulation: A suspension concentrate Pack Size: 5L MAPP No.: 20365 An agricultural fungicide for the control of late blight (Phytophthora infestans) in potatoes. MSDS Label


Active Ingredient(s): Aclonifen Formulation: A suspension concentrate formulation containing 600 g/L aclonifen. Pack Size: 5L - 20L MAPP No.: 20612 A pre-emergence herbicide for the control of annual broad leaved weeds in potatoes. MSDS Label

Sunfire IE

Active Ingredient(s): 500 g/litre flufenacet Formulation: Suspension concentrate Pack Size: 5L PCS No.: 05497 A suspension concentrate containing 500 g/litre flufenacet. SUNFIRE is a residual herbicide for use in winter cereals for the control of black grass, annual meadow grass and some broad-leaved weeds. MSDS Label [...]

Latitude XL IE

Active Ingredient(s): 125 g/litre (11.83 % w/w) of silthiofam Formulation: Flowable suspension Pack Size: 30L, 200L, 600L PCS No.: 04721 A seed treatment for the reduction of take-all in winter and spring wheat and winter barley. This product contains a flowable suspension concentrate containing 125 g/litre (11.83 % w/w) of silthiofam. [...]

Difend Extra IE

Active Ingredient(s): 5 g/L (2.4% w/w) difenoconazole and 25 g/L (2.4% w/w) fludioxonil Formulation: Flowable concentrate Pack Size: 20L, 200L, 1000 L PCS No.: 05470 Fungicide for seed treatment on winter wheat. A flowable concentrate for seed treatment containing 25 g/L (2.4% w/w) difenoconazole and 25 g/L (2.4% w/w) fludioxonil [...]

Croupier OD IE

Active Ingredient(s): 225 g/L fluroxypyr and 9 g/L metsulfuron-methyl Formulation: Oil dispersion Pack Size: 5L PCS No.: 06531 CROUPIER OD is a selective, post-emergence herbicide for the control of broadleaved weeds in winter and spring cereals. MSDS Label

Teppeki IE

Active Ingredient(s): 500g/kg flonicamid Formulation: Water dispersible granule (WG) Pack Size: 140g, 2kg PCS No.: 04399 Recent label changes: 2020 – Additional crops.  Do not use oil based adjuvants when applying to ware potatoes An aphicide for the control of aphids and whitefly in potatoes, vining pea, winter wheat, spring barley, spring oats, [...]


Active Ingredient(s): 50g/l cyflufenamid Formulation: Emulsion in water Pack Size: 1L MAPP No.: 15238 An emulsion in water formulation containing 50g/l cyflufenamid for the control of powdery mildew on a range of cereal crops MSDS Label

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