Globaryll 100

Active Ingredient(s): 100 g/L 6-benzyladenine (9.5% w/w) Formulation: Soluble liquid Pack Size: 1 L MAPP No.: 16097 A thinning agent in apples and pears. A soluble liquid (SL) containing 100 g/L 6-benzyladenine (9.5% w/w). MSDS Label


Active Ingredient(s): 500g/kg flonicamid Formulation: Water dispersible granule (WG) Pack Size: 500 g MAPP No.: 20214 (13123) Recent label changes: 2020 - additional crops added Water dispersible granule (WG) containing 500g/kg flonicamid. An aphicide for the control of aphids in apples, pears and cherries EAMU MSDS Label [...]


Active Ingredient(s): 85% w/w (850 g/kg) potassium hydrogen carbonate Formulation: Water soluble powder Pack Size: 10kg MAPP No.: 16026 An insecticide for the reduction of pear suckers in pear orchards. A water soluble powder containing 85% w/w (850 g/kg) potassium hydrogen carbonate. MSDS Label Certificate [...]


Active Ingredient(s): 100 g/L (10.2% w/w) penconazole Formulation: Emulsifiable concentrate (EC) Pack Size: 250mL – 10L MAPP No.: 20115 (17539) For the control of powdery mildew in apples, crab apples, pears, blackcurrants, redcurrants, grapes, outdoor and protected strawberries. An emulsifiable concentrate (EC) containing 100 g/L (10.2% w/w) penconazole. MSDS [...]


Active Ingredient(s): 336 g/L pyrimethanil (30.59% w/w) and 133 g/L fludioxonil (12.11% w/w) Formulation: Suspension concentrate (SC) Pack Size: 5L MAPP No.: 18244 A fungicide for use on apple and pear to control Botrytis spp and Gloeosporium spp storage diseases. A suspension concentrate (SC) containing 336 g/L pyrimethanil (30.59% w/w) and 133 g/L [...]


Active Ingredient(s): 250 g/L (23.6% w/w) difenoconazole Formulation: Emulsifiable concentrate (EC) Pack Size: 1 L MAPP No.: 16129 A contact and systemic fungicide against scab in apples and pears. An emulsifiable concentrate containing 250 g/L (23.6% w/w) difenoconazole. MSDS Label


Active Ingredient(s): 700 g/kg dithianonFormulation: Water dispersible granule formulation (WG)Pack Size: 5 kgMAPP No.: 18151A protectant fungicide for the reduction of scab (Venturia spp.) on apples and pears. A water dispersible granule formulation containing 700 g/kg dithianon (70% w/w). MSDS Label

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