Active Ingredient(s): 250 g/L (26.6% w/w) trinexapac-ethyl Formulation: Emulsifiable concentrate Pack Size: 1L MAPP No.: 16105 A plant growth regulator for use on cereals and grassland (seed crops). An emulsifiable concentrate formulation containing 250 g/L (26.6% w/w) trinexapac-ethyl. MSDS Label

Globaryll 100

Active Ingredient(s): 100 g/L 6-benzyladenine (9.5% w/w) Formulation: Soluble liquid Pack Size: 1 L MAPP No.: 16097 A thinning agent in apples and pears. A soluble liquid (SL) containing 100 g/L 6-benzyladenine (9.5% w/w). MSDS Label

Gibb Plus

Active Ingredient(s): 10 g/L (0.96% w/w) of a mixture of gibberellins A4 and A7 Formulation: Soluble concentrate Pack Size: 1 L MAPP No.: 17251 A growth regulator for the reduction of fruit russetting of apples and improvement of fruit set in pears. A soluble concentrate (SC) containing 10 g/L (0.96% w/w) of a [...]

Gibb 3

Active Ingredient(s): 1g gibberellic acid Formulation: Water soluble Pack Size: 10 g MAPP No.: 17013 A natural plant growth regulator to improve the fruit set of pears for more profitable crop production. Each water soluble tablet contains 1g gibberellic acid. EAMU MSDS Label

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