Active Ingredient(s): 794 g/L paraffin oil Formulation: Emulsifiable  concentrate Pack Size: 20 L MAPP No.: / MSDS Label

Osorno 480

Active Ingredient(s): A Suspension concentrate containing 480 g/L (41% w/w) mesotrione. Formulation:  Pack Size: 20L MAPP No.: 20628 A herbicide for use against annual broad-leaved weeds and grasses in forage and grain maize. EAMU MSDS Label


Active Ingredient(s): Valifenalate 150 g/L and fluazinam 200 g/L Formulation: A suspension concentrate Pack Size: 5L MAPP No.: 20365 An agricultural fungicide for the control of late blight (Phytophthora infestans) in potatoes. MSDS Label


Active Ingredient(s): Aclonifen Formulation: A suspension concentrate formulation containing 600 g/L aclonifen. Pack Size: 5L - 20L MAPP No.: 20612 A pre-emergence herbicide for the control of annual broad leaved weeds in potatoes. MSDS Label

Sunfire IE

Active Ingredient(s): 500 g/litre flufenacet Formulation: Suspension concentrate Pack Size: 5L PCS No.: 05497 A suspension concentrate containing 500 g/litre flufenacet. SUNFIRE is a residual herbicide for use in winter cereals for the control of black grass, annual meadow grass and some broad-leaved weeds. MSDS Label [...]

Solitaire IE

Active Ingredient(s): 400 g/litre (35.4% w/w) propyzamide Formulation: Suspension concentrate Pack Size: 10L PCS No.: 04219 A suspension concentrate containing 400 g/litre (35.4% w/w) propyzamide. SOLITAIRE is a residual herbicide used on a range of crops MSDS Label

Croupier OD IE

Active Ingredient(s): 225 g/L fluroxypyr and 9 g/L metsulfuron-methyl Formulation: Oil dispersion Pack Size: 5L PCS No.: 06531 CROUPIER OD is a selective, post-emergence herbicide for the control of broadleaved weeds in winter and spring cereals. MSDS Label

Lentagran WP IE

Active Ingredient(s): 45% w/w pyridate Formulation: Wettable powder (WP) Pack Size: 1 Kg MAPP No.: 20176 (19474) A contact herbicide for selective use in outdoor Brussels sprout, cabbage (red, white and Savoy) and bulb onion. A wettable powder (WP) formulation containing 45% w/w pyridate. MSDS Label Fact Sheet [...]

Katoun Gold IE

Active Ingredient(s): 500 g/L fatty acids: pelargonic acid Formulation: Emulsifiable concentrate Pack Size: 5 L PCS No.: 05512 Recent label changes: ‘New!! Moss control added to Katoun Gold label’ A non-selective contact herbicide for use on amenity vegetation (bare soil around trees and woody shrubs), natural surfaces not intended to bear vegetation and [...]

Gozai IE

Active Ingredient(s): 26.5 g/L pyraflufen-ethyl Formulation: Emulsifiable concentrate Pack Size: 5L PCS No.: 06219 An emulsifiable concentrate containing 26.5 g/L pyraflufen-ethyl for the control of weeds in potatoes and the destruction of potato haulm. MSDS Label

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