New, improved formulation of maltodextrin

Certis Belchim is launching Eradicoat Max, a new, improved third generation formulation of maltodextrin which will succeed previous generation biological insecticides Eradicoat and Majestik.

close up image of whitefly

This new biological insecticide is authorised for use on all protected edible and non-edible crops and there are EAMUs for use on outdoor edible and non-edible crops.

The label states control of whitefly and spider mites and Certis Belchim trials and observations have seen control of aphids.

The company’s horticulture product manager Jeremy Booth says growers will immediately notice its light brown colour and will find its new, improved formulation much easier to use.

“The new anti-foaming agent speeds up mixing and filling, and thinners have been added to minimise surface deposits on produce and so preserving appearance. The new formulation is also more resistant to phase separation during storage.

“Its new efficacy-boosting adjuvant optimises delivery of the active substance and has enabled the concentration to be reduced to 476g of maltodextrin per litre of product and the dose to be reduced to 20ml product per litre of water.

“Like its predecessors, Eradicoat Max should be applied at the first sign of attack after which it typically dries under glass within an hour allowing beneficials to be re-introduced swiftly.”

Mr Booth maintains that Certis Belchim’s maltodextrin biological insecticides have become the tried and tested standard for whitefly control in protected fruiting vegetables, in particular tomatoes.

Low-humidity high sunlight conditions under glass suit their mode of action perfectly, but he acknowledges they have not always been the easiest to use.

“We have listened to grower feedback on issues such as mixing with hard water, deposits on fruit and product shelf life. This new biocontrol addresses them head on and will be much easier to use.”

To read more about Eradicoat Max visit the Veg Insecticides page.

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